The purpose of the Games Industry Skills Project is to identify and evaluate skill sets and occupations required for employment in the Australia’s Digital Games Industry, both currently and in the future. The project is also measuring the extent, source and impact of skills deficiencies.

The project involves three key stages:

  • Consolidating existing literature, studies, policies, programs, and statistical data that is relevant to Australia’s Digital Games Industry.
  • Identifying current, emerging, and future skills deficiencies; development needs; and hiring requirements in the industry – which involves a national survey of employers, a national survey of workers, and consultations with key industry stakeholders.
  • A scenario planning exercise to develop three scenarios of the state of the industry in 2015, and what these different scenarios mean for the skilling of workers.

The project is supported by Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia), the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, and the Games Developers’ Association of Australia.

We are keen to hear from stakeholders from all over the world about their views in relation to any aspect of this project. Stakeholders include training providers, employers, policymakers, industry associations/bodies, students, workers, games enthusiasts, etc.

For more information about the project contact Sandra Haukka: s.haukka@qut.edu.au or 0424415376.

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